Tips for Preserving Your Manicure

When you have your nails done professionally, you want it to last. Having a manicure can be expensive and helps you feel more confident. Whether you have great nails to start with or brittle ones, you need to take a few steps to preserve your manicure and keep your nails looking perfect. Here are some tips to help with that process.

Don’t Bite Your Nails

It sounds obvious but biting your nails is going to damage them and ruin your manicure. This is a nervous habit for some people and can be difficult to get out of. It is possible to buy a product that goes onto your nails and tastes horrible when you bite them. Avoid allowing your nails anywhere near your mouth so you are not tempted to do anything.


A Top Coat Will Help Make It Last

Apply a top coat to your manicure at the end. This helps to lock in the nail polish and avoid it chipping at the edges. If you have your nails professionally done, talk to the manicurist to apply the top coat. It may cost more money but it is worthwhile. Not only does your manicure last longer, it will shine in the light too!

Wear Rubber Gloves When Doing the Washing Up

The hands do a lot during the day and these tasks risk your manicure chipping. The worse is the task of washing up. The warm water will soften your nails and means that they are more at risk of chipping if you catch then on the cutlery or dishes. Avoid this from happening by using rubber gloves. These are also great when cleaning the kitchen or bathroom and using harsh chemicals.


Apply Moisturising Cream

Keep your hands and nails softer by using moisturising cream. A great tip is to use it before putting on your rubber gloves. The warm water will make the cream soak in deeper and give your hands a really soft feel.

Avoid Using Your Hands Too Soon

Allow your manicure to rest for about an hour before you start using your hands for anything, especially when it comes to washing up and other heavy duty tasks. This gives the colour time to sit on your nails and lock in to them, making it harder for them to chip. However, when using your hands, avoid using your nails too much for tasks.


Choose the More Natural Colours

Red is a great colour for the summer but really stands out when it chips. Avoid these bright colours, especially if your nails have a tendency to snap or break or the colour tends to chip. Natural colours are less visible because they look like the natural colours of your nails.

Keep Your Nails in Shape

Between manicures, look after your nails by keeping them in shape. Use a nail file to smooth any rough edges and sharp points to avoid them catching on anything and breaking. This also helps to reduce the risk of the polish chipping and looking worn.

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