Use Unemployment to Your Health’s Advantage

Whether you’ve just been made redundant or chosen to leave your job, the thought of not having a pay cheque next month can be really scary. The good news is that being unemployed could be the best thing for your health, as long as you use the time to your advantage. Here are six things you can do to make this the healthiest time of your life.

Take Up Exercise

You have no excuse now not to. You have time on your hands, and you don’t need money to get fit. It’s time to put on your running shoes, and get out there to keep fit.

There are so many different options available, so you’re bound to find something that you absolutely love doing. When you find a job, you’ll be more likely to find a way to keep it in your life.


Boost Your Memory Power

There are a lot of computer games now that will help you boost your brain power. You don’t even need a computer. You can buy the newspaper and in between job hunts do the crossword or Sudoku challenge. Boosting your memory power will be great for finding a new job. You’re more likely to retain your skills, which you can use in the next workplace.

Change Your Eating Habits

Now you get more time at home, there’s no excuse not to eat healthily. It’s time to shed the pounds that you’ve always found difficult to lose. This will not only help your health, but also your confidence. Of course, the increase in confidence makes it easier to get the next job because your confidence will show in the interview room.



Get Rid of the Asthma Risk in Your Home

There are so many health risks in your home. When you’ve worked, you’ve not had the time to do the cleaning, and get rid of all that bacteria building up. Now you can use your time effectively. Just spend a day or two gutting out the whole house. Yes, it will be two days away from the job search but it will be well worth it. You’ll be happier in your home, and not stare at the greasy windows when you should be sending job applications off.

Walk Around With Your CV

Who said you have to stick to the internet to apply for jobs? There are still plenty of businesses taking CVs in person. In fact, some businesses still like doing this because you’re showing your initiative and you can chat to the boss. Handing your CV out in person also keeps you fit since you need to walk around to deliver it.



Spend Time With People

Don’t use all the time to hunt for jobs. You can spend some more time with the people close to you. This is really important, especially if you have children. Everyone grows up so quickly and life soon gets in the way. Spend a day in the park or go to a free museum to keep your mental health on the up.

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