Make Your Teeth Last Forever and Get That Beautiful Smile

Are you plagued with fillings and cavities threatening to form? If you haven’t taken that good care of your teeth in the past, you may think there’s no point now. However, there is no better time than good oral hygiene. Starting now is going to help you fight against the damage caused and get you that beautiful smile of your dreams.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Don’t make excuses for reasons not to visit the dentist. You may have work Monday to Friday but most dentists offer later appointments. You may even get one on your lunch break!

Make the time to see the dentist at least twice a year and visit if there is a problem. This helps to spot problems quickly and keep your mouth healthy.

Brush Twice a Day

Isn’t it so boring standing and brushing your teeth? Isn’t it just a waste of four minutes of your day? Not at all. Brushing your teeth is the only way to remove all the plaque and bacteria that build up on your teeth.

Yes you do need to do it on a morning and night. Your mouth is the perfect place for bacteria to build and thrive, even at night!

Floss Between Your Teeth

Brushing doesn’t quite solve the problem. Get into your teeth with some floss or a floss stick.

You need to get right into the gums to help remove anything that could cause a problem. Using mouthwash is also a good idea to get all the bacteria from the back of your mouth out!

Get a New Toothbrush

Every three months, you need to get a new toothbrush. The bristles will start to soften and some bacteria is left on them.

You could just end up putting them all back into your mouth. Buy a new toothbrush and keep your teeth gleaming and white!

Add a Bit of Baking Soda to Your Paste

Baking soda is a natural whitener and is great to help get a pearly white smile. Most toothpaste has this included now but it won’t hurt to add a little more.

You can use it on its own after brushing your teeth too to get more of an effect. It will take some time to see the white smile but will be worth it in the end.

Don’t Brush Right After Eating

Contrary to popular belief, brushing right after eating is not good for you! The enamel on your teeth weakens after eating and you run the risk of damaging it if you brush.

Leave it for an hour and then brush if you really must. The best thing you could do is rinse to get rid of the bacteria and just brush morning and night.

There Is Benefit to Quality

Whether it is mouthwash, toothpaste or a toothbrush, investing in quality is well worth the money. You want fluoride in your toothpaste and you want a toothbrush that is able to get into all the areas of your mouth.

If the cheaper versions don’t offer these, they don’t offer a value for the money.

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