7 Great Uses for Baking Soda

Baking soda is used in baking all the time. It is great to help cakes and muffins rise naturally. However, it also have other properties and can be used in many other ways. So, before you buy other expensive products, see if you can get the same benefits from a natural source. Here are seven great uses for baking soda.

Whiten Your Teeth

Baking soda is used in toothpaste – yes really! Instead of paying for the toothpaste, put the baking soda on your toothbrush to get the bright, white smile.

If you want an even whiter smile, mix it with some hydrogen peroxide but this may not taste as great. Worried about cleaning your teeth with this?

It is antibacterial and will help to kill off the germs in your mouth.


Replace Your Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaners

Instead of buying bleaches and cleaners that cost a fortune, mix some baking soda into your water.

You can mix it with a little of your favourite essential oil, some lemon juice and vinegar to create a deep clean for the worst parts of your kitchen and bathroom.

Leave it on the surfaces for a few minutes to get into it and really give it a deep clean.

Get Rid of the Stomach Acid

If you have a problem with your stomach acid levels or struggle with reflux, add a little baking soda to your water.

It is an alkaline and will create a natural neutraliser for your body. It is much cheaper and healthier than buying many of the over the counter medications.

Clean Your Skin


As well as cleaning your mouth and worktops, baking soda is great for cleaning your skin.

Instead of buying face products, mix some baking soda with an essential oil of your choice for the smell and wash your face with it. You will soon find that your spots clean and your skin is left feeling soft and clean.

Help Soothe Diaper Rash

Instead of buying products for your baby, use a little baking soda mixed with water for diaper rash. This is completely natural and perfect for sensitive skin.

You will find after a couple of changes, the red rash goes away and your baby is more comfortable. It also works with rashes that you may suffer from during the day.

Make an Exfoliate

Mixed with almond oil or crushed almonds, you can make a natural exfoliate with baking soda.

This is much better than buying products over the counter since it also works as an anti-inflammatory.

Help Treat Sunburn, Windburn and Insect Bites

Whether you have been camping, spent too long out in the sun or been out in the field during colder weather and high winds, baking soda is a great way to relieve many of the problems.

It soothes and works as an anti-inflammatory to make the skin feel softer. The healing properties in baking soda also help to make the problems disappear quicker than many of the over the counter products.

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