Autumn Leaves: An Inexpensive Way To Decorate For the Fall

Some women love the fall colors, and they look forward to the change of season so they can use the leaves. The leaves can be gathered, preserved, and then used for decorations. There are some great ways to use fall leaves, and here is more information on those ways to decor with leaves in the beautiful fall colors.

Leaves in picture frames:

A woman that wants to decorate her home with leaves has to go leaf gathering. The best specimens, meaning the leaves that are the biggest and most beautiful, can be preserved forever using picture frames.

To complement the leaves, the frames can be in fall colors as well to match the leaves, and then the frames can be hung in any room of the house.




Creating a leaf chain with string, ribbon, or yarn:

Back in the old days, people would put popcorn on strings, and then hang them on their Christmas tree.

However, for the fall, leaves can be used in the same way, but draped around the house. Leaves of every color can be attached to ribbon, string, or even a piece of yarn by attaching the stems with hot glue.

The leaves can then be decorated with a little bit of glitter to add a touch of sparkle to the leaf chain.


Gluing leaves to candles:

Small leaves of bright colors can be pressed into books to be made as flat as possible. Once the small leaves are flat, they can be glued to candles of any shape and color.

The candles with their leaves can then be displayed on bookshelves, on fireplace mantles, or even on coffee tables as a nice center piece.



Pumpkins and leaves used together:

Pumpkins are a popular decoration for the fall, and those plain pumpkins can look even better with a little decoration.

Small brightly colored leaves can be glued to the surface of the pumpkin using glitter glue to help make the pumpkin look even fancier.

Tree branches in a vase:

Tree branches that are full of leaves can be taken from the tree, or the branches may be lying on the ground at the base of the tree.

Once the branches have been gathered, a vase can be used to display the branches. The vase can be made from clear class, or colored glass that can come in any number of popular fall colors.



Creating a leaf wreath:

Styrofoam comes in a variety of different shapes including wreathe shaped. Using the Styrofoam, leaves can be gathered and then glued around the shape until no more Styrofoam is visible.

The wreathe can then be hung on doors, over the fireplace, or even on the walls.

A wooden bowl with leaves:

A centerpiece can be made using a dark wooden bowl, fall leaves, acorns, and cinnamon sticks. Some fall colored candles can be placed in the middle of the bowl, and then the bowl can be placed on the dinner table or on the coffee table.

Another option for the wooden bowl is to just use potpourri, cinnamon sticks, and leaves to make a nice decoration that will fill the home with the wonderful scents of fall.

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