Tips For Mothers Looking To Get Their Children Interested In Gardening

Gardening can be a stress relieving activity that allows for creativity and has a real purpose. Sharing your love of gardening can be a gift that mothers should pass on to their children. However, some children can be hesitant to enjoy the many benefits of gardening initially. Planting seeds and watching as they sprout into full grown plants can capture your child’s imagination and expose them to real-life miracles. Here are some helpful tips to gain your child’s interest.

Plant Veggies Your Children Enjoy

Kids love to feel important and special. By planting vegetables that the whole family can enjoy, your child will become enthralled by gardening immediately.

Let your children pick the vegetables that you will grow in your garden. This will ensure that they eat healthy and can even save you money on groceries.

Your child will love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from eating home-grown vegetables from your very own garden.



Start Simple

Your child will only become excited about gardening if results are fast. This involves selecting easy to grow vegetables like cucumbers, beans and tomatoes.

These vegetables will quickly grow form seeds and require little care. Your child will be able to enjoy these vegetables quickly and become excited about gardening.

Begin Slow

Don’t introduce your child to gardening by planting fifteen rows of cucumbers and tomatoes. Gardening can be fun, but it can also be grueling and requires hard work.

The best way to introduce your child to gardening is by planting only a few vegetables initially. This will be easy and require only a small time commitment.

There is no need to plant an entire farmers market in your back yard. Simply begin slow and let your child become more knowledgeable about the gardening process before you expand your garden.



Teach No Failure In Gardening

Make sure your child understands that even plants that don’t grow are not a waste of time.

Gardening is an experience that is always worth the time and effort. The time you spend together building your garden can never be a failure no matter how the vegetables turn out.

What Can Your Child Do In The Garden

Even at a small age, most children can do all gardening activities. Simply give your child a small spade and watch them happily dig up soil.

Allow them to fill the holes with seeds and give them small watering cans to water the plants. Try to help your children distinguish the different plants and instruct them on how to keep the weeds from growing.

Once children understand the different components of gardening, they will be excited and willing to help.



Gardening Benefits For Children

There are many different reasons to garden with your child, but the most important is definitely the time spent together. Gardening requires a time commitment that will give you a chance to bond over a shared interest.

Your child can experience the fresh air and get outside activity that will only enhance their development.

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