How To Manage Working Mom Guilt

Almost all working mothers struggle with a similar condition described as working moms guilt. This affects all working mothers in different ways and is not just designated for women that love their career. Most women battle with guilt related to leaving their children to work outside of the home. In today’s society it is possible for women to balance both a career and a family, but it is important to know how to manage your feelings of guilt.

Guilt Can Be A Warning Sign

Guilt is very common and natural among working moms, but significant feelings of guilt can be a warning sign of a larger problem. The guilt can often be connected to unhappiness with your childcare provider or struggles with your boss.

It is important identity the cause of your guilt and stress in order to make a productive change. Whatever warning sign is apparent, it is important to make a change as soon as possible to ensure that pangs of working mom guilt subside over time.

If not dealt with appropriately these feelings will only continue to grow and fester.



Compile A List

Sometimes seeing the advantages of your career in writing can make your guilt lessen. By writing down the benefits of your career like money, self-worth and independence, you can reassure yourself that working is right for you.

This doesn’t make your child less important, but simply allows you to see that a career gives you balance and meaning in your life that makes you a better parent.

As your guilt resurfaces, you can consult your list to bring you peace of mind.

Distance Yourself From Those That Make You Feel Guilty

If you notice that anyone in your life makes you feel more guilty for working away from your child, it is best to distance yourself from these relationships.

However, if these individuals are relatives the task can be a bit more tricky. Do whatever you can to maintain your cool and express that your working situation is a private matter between only your immediate family.

It’s always best to consider the source and not take anyone’s hurtful words to heart.



Take Time Off

The best way to manage your working mom guilt is to simply spend time with your child. Treasure the moments that you spend together and make them meaningful and special.

Take your vacation time when your child is on break from school to ensure that you have ample time together. If you notice that your guilt isn’t subsiding, you may consider cutting back at work.

However, understand that your career does not take away from you dedication as a parent. It is possible to balance family and work if you can properly control your working mom guilt.


All Moms Have Challenges

When the doubt and guilt begins to creep in, remember that all moms have struggles and face feeling of inadequacy. These feelings are normal and only become stronger in working mothers.

As long as you work to maintain a healthy balance between family and work, your child will understand your sacrifice and love you even more.

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