Most Common Reasons for Odours in the Home

If you are on a mission to get a fresh smelling home, it is worth knowing why the odours occur in the first place. There are certain things that leave the odours around, including animals and mess. While you may not be able to get rid of all of them, knowing them will help you do something. Here are the most common reasons for odours in your home.

Pets in the Home

If you have a dog or cat, you will likely have an odour. While there isn’t much you can do about the animal being there, you can help to limit the smell. Make sure you empty the litter tray if you have one, and bathe your animal regularly. Not only will this help to limit the smell, but it will make your pet feel more comfortable and loved—even if they don’t initially like the water.

Tracking Things Indoors

It could be from pets or from your own shoes. When the carpets pick up odours, they will keep them for the long term. Everything will get deep into the fibres if you allow it to happen. It is really important to steam the carpets regularly to help get every bit of dirt from them. In extreme circumstances a new carpet will be needed to replace the old one.

Decaying Animals in the Home

You will be surprised at how bad a mouse can smell when it is decaying. The problem is that they can get into floorboards and wall cavities without you every realising. The best thing to do is avoid putting down poison to stop them going off to die somewhere. If you do have that decay smell, you will need to find the source of it and remove it. If you can’t find it yourself, hire an exterminator to do it for you—this will also locate a nest if there is one!

Rotting in the Bathroom

Children miss when they are on the toilet—they can even just misjudge the time that they have. The urine build-up around the toilet bowl will start to smell as it rots. You can also find issues around the base of the bath and sink when there has been a spillage of something while cleaning. Make sure you clean all the areas fully to prevent any of these build ups and rot.

Tobacco Around the Home

If people smoke in the house, then the smell will start to linger. It gets into the fabric of the furniture, into the carpets and even into the skirting boards. To prevent the smell from getting worse, ask everyone to smoke outside. You can then steam your carpets and furniture. For the skirting board, a bit of lavender essential oils along them will help.

The Mould Growth in the Basement

Do you ever get that musty smell in the home? It’s probably from the basement. The damp causes mould, which then grows on anything that is there. The best thing to do is have a dehumidifier in the room running on a regular basis. If you can’t afford that, consider removing all the items that can get damaged out of the room.

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