Tips for Planning Your New Year Party

With New Years Eve just days away, there will be plenty of people planning a party. You may decide to see the New Year in style through a booked place or you may want to keep it simple at home. Either way, it will require planning. Here are some tips to make the planning and organising easier this year.

Keep It as Simple as Possible

Simple doesn’t mean boring. You can have beautiful decorations and great entertainment without going all out. Remember that this is just after Christmas, so you will want to wind down after that. You don’t want to be running around trying to find the most expensive and impressive entertainment. Simple fun is often appreciated—and your guests are who make the party anyway.

Set a Strict Budget

It’s tempting to spend a fortune, but your budget won’t necessarily allow it. Take this chance to set a budget and then stick to that. This will require some planning with the budget. You need to divide it up between the food and drink, entertainment, and if you’re hiring a hall. Don’t let yourself spend more than you have already allowed.

Plan Ahead for the Night

Don’t leave it all to the last minute. You can start planning your New Year party well before Christmas. If you haven’t got all the finishing touches to it yet, don’t panic. There is still plenty of time. There are still a few days before Christmas, and you can start the rest of the purchases after Christmas Day when most stores open again. The earlier you plan, the easier it will be on the night.

Set a Theme

Have a theme for the night. This will help you keep your decorations and entertainment under control. You don’t need anything fancy. It could be a random fancy dress where people come as they wish, or it could be a colour theme. Make sure your guests are aware of the theme before the party so they can plan ahead too.

Keep Decorations to a Minimum

This isn’t a wedding that you’re planning. Your New Years Eve party doesn’t need a lot of decorations. You could have a few Happy New Year banners, and a bit of confetti on the table. Depending on the theme, you could have a small centrepiece on each table to mimic the theme. Fewer decorations works well for your budget and the amount of time you need to decorate beforehand.

Stick to Paper Plates

Unless you have a fancy sit-down meal with a small number of guests, there is nothing wrong with buying paper plates. These are perfect for a low-maintenance New Years Eve party since everything can be binned instead of worrying about the washing up the next day. You could also opt for plastic cutlery and cups to help keep the washing to a minimum. There are plenty of disposable serving trays too that can work for keeping the cleanup to a minimum the next day.

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