Decorating The House For The Fall – Easy Autumn Decorating Tips

[tps_footer]Now that summer is over, it is time to put away the bright summer colors and take out the box from the attic or basement that contains the decorations for the fall. The colors associated with fall are gold, dark red, dark brown, pumpkin orange, and a hunter green. To turn your home into an autumn paradise, here are 7 decorating tips.[/tps_footer]

Candles around the house:

During the months of summer, it is too hot to light candles. However, when the fall weather comes, it is time to bring out the candles for both their color and scent.

Candles in the fall colors can be a nice addition to every room of the house, especially a bathroom where the scent can help keep the bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

A wreath on the front door:

Nothing is more welcoming to friends and relatives than seeing a big wreath on the front door.

There are many different varieties of wreathes that are contain the deep dark colors of fall and have things on them like Indian corn, multicolored leaves, and small pumpkins.

The best place to find wreathes like these are hobby stores, who should now be bringing out all the colorful thing for the change in season.

The fireplace mantle for decorations:

A fireplace is the perfect place to display your love of the fall.

On top of the mantle, one can place candles, small pumpkins, or pictures that are relevant to the season like the family picking pumpkins or the family portrait around the Thanksgiving turkey.

Furniture covers with style:

If your furniture is not a color that complements the fall, then there is something that can be done rather than just buying a whole new set of furniture every time the seasons change.

Many department and retail stores will carry furniture covers that can slip over all the different pieces of furniture in the home.

Art on the wall:

Some women have a variety of artwork that they hang on the wall dung certain time of year.

While the summer art consists of the ocean, surfers, sunny skies, and other images of summer, the art for the fall can be darker pieces.

When the fall comes, the colorful artwork depicting summer days can be replaced with trees wearing their fall leaves, or pumpkins blooming under a dark sky.

The front porch:

The porch is the perfect empty canvas for a woman who wants to get creative when the fall comes.

The porch can be decorated with typical images of fall like yellow corn stalks, scarecrows, pumpkins, and even bales of hay that can range in size from small to large.

Potpourri in individual rooms:

There is a variety of potpourri scents that come out exclusively for the fall.

A woman can choose scents like apples, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and other wonderful scents that will fill the home with the wonderful smells of the changing season.

Everyone that visits the home will feel very calm and comfortable breathing in the calming scents and being surrounded by the colorful leaves, pumpkins, and dark colors of autumn.

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