Safety Tips for Women: Staying Safe While Living Alone

Many women live alone. This isn’t always out of choice. You may have broken up with your partner, left your parents’ home or have suffered a tragedy that has left you living on your own. While it can be freeing, it can also be dangerous. It is important to keep yourself safe from strangers and others who may attack.

Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked

Always make sure that your home is secure when you are in it. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, an unlocked door or window can be an introduction for intruders; most of the time stronger than you.

As soon as you get home from work or school, lock the door behind you. It can be difficult in the summer months if it’s very hot so look for ways to limit the amount your windows can open!

Know the Place Around You

When you move to somewhere new, take a walk around the place. You need to know the type of people in the area and the crime rate in the city.

You also want to know the location of the police station and other forms of help. If you are in trouble, knowing all this will help get to it in time.

Make Friends with Your Neighbours

Get to know the people who live around you. You may ask them to help you move a heavy box into your apartment or just go around with some cookies as a hello; you may find that they come to you to say hello.

Getting to know them will not only keep you safe—since you have someone to turn to if there is a problem—it will also stop you from becoming lonely.

Get a Dog to Guard You

Not all tenancy agreements will allow this but getting a dog is a worthwhile investment. Dogs are loyal companions and will also alert you when there is danger.

They are also quite good and deciding who to trust when there is someone at the door. You will need to train the pet but this is a great way to build up a friendship for the rest of your dog’s life.

Check Who Is at Your Door

You don’t have to answer the door! Check who is outside first. If you know you have a delivery coming and see a delivery driver, then answer it.

If you know nothing about it and know there is danger in the area, you may want to think twice. Peepholes, upstairs windows and similar factors can help limit the amount of people you let into your home.

Don’t Let People Know You Are Alone

The fewer people who know you live alone the better. Some people will try to get that information out of you to decide whether you are a person to attack.

It is also important to avoid telling people when your home is empty—unless it is a neighbour you trust and want them to watch your home for you.

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