Design Your Office in a Way That Makes Your Productive

Being more productive at work is more than enjoying what you do. Part of it is about the layout and style of your office. When you have a chance, you can rearrange your desk and the space but you may also want to consider redecorating! If you’re just starting out, think about these design tips to make sure your office is perfect for your productivity.

Use a Colour that Helps Your Mood

You really have to think about the colour. It has a direct affect on the mood, which will affect your productivity levels. You may love the colour yellow and it is bright and cheerful, but too much can get you down and angry.

Blue is a great relaxing colour but can be too relaxing so you don’t get the work done. Consider purples or greens to help get a mixture and find success.



Keep Photos to a Minimum

While you want photos of the people you care about, it can end up being too much. A cluttered desk is unproductive. Choose one or two photos.

You could also look at getting the digital photo frames so they change on a regular basis and you get the best of both worlds.

If you work from home or you travel, have the photos on your computer and avoid having too much on the walls.

Set Your Desk by the Window

It doesn’t matter if it is behind or next to you. Having your desk by a window is beneficial in numerous ways.

You can open the window if it too hot and will get natural light shining through to make you happier. You can also glance out of it to give your eyes a break from the computer now and then.



Give Yourself Space

Don’t cram too much into the room. While you want space for your books, paperwork and eveything else you need, you want space to walk around.

Having too much will make the space feel small and you will feel cramped. You also need room for people to walk in and out to talk to you.

Have Everything at Your Fingertips

All the items that you need to use daily should be in arms reach. This includes the books, the pens and anything else that is essential for your work.

This means thinking about the layout so it is functional for your needs.



Buy a Chair that Helps

There are plenty of computer chairs available but not all are beneficial. You need to find something that is within your budget but will support your spine and improve alignment.

If your posture is great, you will find that typing is easier and your work comes naturally.


Hide the Cords!

Technology is full of wires and cords. While you need your computer, place the cords behind the desk or wrap them in neat bundles out of the way.

It will help you feel more disconnected from the world! It is also worth investing in wireless mice, keyboards and printers.

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