Do you get organised and then find everything just goes back to the way it used to be? This is because you’re struggling to get into the mindset of an organised person. It is more than just putting your desk in order. You need to focus on changing your habits,Read More →

Having good productivity levels is important. It doesn’t matter if you’re working, studying or just need to organise the house, if your productivity is low the stuff just isn’t going to get done! There are some things that you can do to give yourself the kick you need. Just think;Read More →

How do you know which project you should be working on first? How do you know which client is more important at that moment in time? Having priorities is important. It helps you organise your workload and determine what you can do and when. However, learning how to prioritise canRead More →

Desk organisation is important if you want a more productive office life. With some organisation, you will know where everything is and be able to get the thing you’re looking for with one reach. It also helps to keep the main part of your desk tidy so you can getRead More →