7 Tips for Beating Postnatal Depression

The majority of women suffer from the baby blues. This lasts for about two weeks and is when many of the hormones are leaving the body. However, around 10% of mums will suffer from postnatal depression. This is a serious problem but nothing to be ashamed of. The best thing you can do is get help and take the steps to beat it so you can enjoy motherhood and your new baby.

Catch Up on Sleep

One of the biggest problems for new mums is the sleep deprivation and this can make depression worse. Trying to function on very little sleep will make you irritable and sad.

Nothing can replace the benefit that you get. Don’t worry about the laundry or the washing up – they can wait! Sleep when your newborn is sleeping.


Eat a Healthy Diet

No new mum wants to spend time cooking. You’re either feeding, changing, enjoying the cute smiles or sleeping. But eating a healthy diet is important to boost your nutrition and make you feel happier.

Ask your partner to cook some healthy meals for you or create some in bulk the night before when you have the energy. It stops you reaching for the unhealthy options instead.

Get Out and Exercise

No, you do not need to run a marathon! Just take your new baby out for a walk – it will do the both of you some good.

The exercise helps to release endorphins in the brain, which are the happy hormone. If you can jog or you have the chance to do another activity that you enjoy, get out and do it!


Ask for Help

Do you have a pile of washing that needs going? Is there a pile of dishes in the sink? Ask your friends and family for some help.

They will be happy to and they get to see the baby at the same time. There is nothing wrong with taking help – and people want to help new mums!

Get Some Time to Yourself

If your partner is free one day, ask him to look after your newborn and spend the day to yourself. Have a relaxing bath, read a book or just catch up on the sleep you’re missing.

You will soon find that the world isn’t so bad – and you may just miss your little bundle of joy…


Socialise with Your Friends

Depression makes you stay inside and hide from the world. The problem is that this makes depression worse and you get this horrible cycle. Instead, get out of the house and meet with your friends.

If you can’t meet them, get them to come to you so they can see your beautiful baby. If you can get out, the fresh air will do you a world of good.

Talk to Your Doctor/Health Visitor

Medical professionals are here to help. In fact, many will check for postnatal depression over the first few weeks.

If you are sad, angry, worried or anything else, talk to your health visitor or doctor about it. They can also assess how bad it is and whether you will benefit from any medication or other help.

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