Exploring The Global Community With Kids

How many times have you hear a woman say “I can’t travel until the kids are older” or “It would be too difficult to travel with children”. Maybe this is something that you have said yourself.

If there is one thing that many women regret later in life, it is that they put travel off because of the family. Traveling with children can be the most rewarding experience ever. They see things through totally different eyes than we do as adults. They have a much more straightforward view of things around them and kids are much more adaptable than we think when it comes to new cultures, foods and people.

Childlike innocence is something to behold. They have no problems saying what they think. We may be marveling at one of the seven wonders of the world and chances are a child will find something amazing in a nearby rock, tree or even fellow traveler!

There are a few things that need to be thought about when traveling with young family members but if you are relaxed and prepared you will have a great time.

Regular Stops

This applies whether you are traveling internationally or locally. Being sure that there are regular stops so that you can all stretch your legs will help everyone arrive at their destination much more relaxed and happy. Even if you are stuck in an airport on a stopover, try turning this into part of the adventure.


Be sure to have a lot of snacks. Little people need to snack frequently. Health bars, fruit or anything else that is portable is a good option to have on hand. If traveling by air; see if the airline will let you take any prepacked food and bottle water on board.


A lot of kids are quite happy just to travel without the need for books and games. Others need to be constantly entertained. A portable DVD player can be a godsend for traveling parents. Other things such as coloring books, puzzles and computer games can be great. Eye spy as well as other activities to play in the car are an age old lifesaver when traveling with bored children.


Depending on the age of the child; be sure that they are wearing clothes that can be layered. You may be leaving from a cold climate and arriving in the tropics so the little one needs to be able to peel off layers on arrival. Extra clothes for spills or long haul trips are always a necessity for obvious reasons.

There is nothing more rewarding than traveling with a child.Whether you are going to Far East Asia or New York; relax, have fun and try and see the world through they eyes of your kids.

Chances are you will see things totally differently than if you had gone without the kids. This time together will create memories that you and your children will look back on and cherish forever.

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