How to Get Pregnant With a Boy

A bouncing baby boy in blue is what some women picture when they think of the kind of child they want to have. Some women are surrounded by boys their whole life and want to have a little boy when it comes time for them to have a baby of their own. To ensure a woman gets the baby boy she wants, there are some things she needs to do to get pregnant with a boy.

Get an Ovulation Predictor:

Male sperm are a lot better at swimming then female sperm, but they are also more prone to die faster. With an ovulation prediction kit, a woman will know when she is ovulating.

Having sex when ovulation is occurring will help those faster male sperm get to the egg ahead of the females.


Try Different Positions:

Missionary position is best for conceiving a girl child because female swimmers can advantage of the fact a woman is lying on her back, which gives the sperm easier access.

To get a bouncing baby boy, a woman should have sex in ways that will allow for a deeper penetration like being on top or being on all fours.

With those faster male swimmers, a deeper penetration means they do not have to go as far and will have a better chance at reaching the egg.

Eat A Steak:

Red meat is a good source of protein. Male sperm like an environment that is more neutral, and sources of protein are going to make a woman’s body more alkaline.

If a woman is a vegetarian, than eating foods that are salty can also help make her vagina more neutral.


Have Sex With an Orgasm:

Conceiving a baby boy can be a lot of fun because orgasms can turn the vagina into the perfect environment for the male sperm to do their job.

The more orgasms a woman has, the better her chances are of getting pregnant with a bouncing baby boy.

Boxers Are A Man’s Best Friend:

Male sperm may be better at swimming, but they are a little more delicate when it comes to their environment.

If a woman’s husband wears briefs, that type of underwear can cause too much heat in the groin area for the male sperm to tolerate.

Boxer shorts will allow for airflow around the groin and things will be kept nice and cool for the male sperm.


Have a Dose of Cough Syrup:

The medicine that takes care of coughs contains an ingredient called guaifenesin, which helps the mucus membrane in the cervix.

In order for sperm to fertilize an egg, they must go through this mucus membrane, and many sperm die trying.

Guaifenesin is said to make the mucus layer in the cervix thinner so the male sperm can penetrate it easier.

Sex During The Quarter Moon:

Legend has it that the moon can predict fertility and makes a woman more fertile depending on what phase the moon is in.

For a boy, the quarter moon is the best time because it will guarantee that a bouncing baby boy will be conceived that night.

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