Land Your Dream Job Whatever It Is

Whether you want to be a nurse to help people or you have aspirations to be the next Albert Einstein, you may worry that as a woman you’ll be considered second to the male applicants. Everyone wants to get ahead now and will do everything they can to land their dream job. You should do it too. Here are some tips to landing your dream job, whatever it is.

Network Whenever You Can

It’s often more about who you know and not what you know. Network with others within your industry and show off your skills. It doesn’t have to be as daunting as it first sounds.

Learn to schmooze to get people to like you. As they see how valuable you are, others will too and it will get you one step closer to that dream job.


Keep Current Relationships

You don’t want to lose the networks and relationships that you make. Spend time working on them. The best thing that you can do is congratulate people on their successes and show that you really are happy for them.

You could even compliment them on something they wear or have done. People love to be recognised for the things they do.

Show Your Credibility

As you build your networks, use them to offer testimonials and show that you are credible.

Testimonials and good references go a long way when it comes to landing dream jobs, especially if you’re looking for promotions.


Use Social Media Sensibly

Yes, you need to be on social media, especially LinkedIn, but you have to use it sensibly. Only have professional photos and those that show you in a good light on your profiles.

Update your statuses with your achievements instead of political rants and funny pictures.

If you use Facebook, make sure everything is hidden from potential employers and those who will check if there is something you’re not smart enough to hide.

Add a Video on LinkedIn

Create your own video bio about yourself and add it to your LinkedIn profile. People often prefer to watch a video than read through a long article about your successes, achievements and skills.

By adding a video, you also show that you can talk in public and that you have the confidence for video. This is appealing for employers in all types of industries.


Research the Companies and Roles

Is it really your dream job? Do your research into the role that you will do and the companies you will end up working for. This will also make it easier to tailor your CV and interview skills for that company.

You can show why you make the best option in an interview or why you’re the best for a promotion.

Colleagues-work-together-successShow Your Worth

Prove that you’re valuable. If you’re trying to move up the career ladder in your current job, prove that you’re worth keeping and promoting.

Pick up the work others refused to do and get your own tasks done earlier.

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