Money Saving Tips for New Moms

As a new mom, you’ll know that the money is constantly going out. In fact, it can seem that more money is going out compared to that coming in. It’s a stressful time already with a new baby in the home, so you need to work out how to save money on all those necessaries. Here are some tips to help you save money as a new mom.

Consider the Convertible Car Seats

They may seem expensive right now, but convertible car seats will save you in the long run. You want one that will face backwards when your baby is still and infant and then move forwards and into an upright position as she gets older. Check how long the car seats last for. The longer it lasts, the less it ends up costing each year.

You Don’t Need the Expensive Gadgets

There are so many expensive gadgets available, but you really don’t need them. Instead, consider getting the cheaper versions or not even bothering at all. The underarm or in-mouth digital thermometers are just as good as those that go in the ear; and they’re less likely to break.

Companies charge a fortune on items and make new parents believe they really need them. The truth is your baby simple needs somewhere to sleep, have its nappy changed, warm clothes and food.

Breastfeed If You Can

There is a lot in the media about breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding. The truth is that breastfeeding is cheaper—you don’t have to buy the formula or the bottles!

If you know medically and mentally you can breastfeed your son or daughter, it’s definitely worth doing just to save some money. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do it for whatever reason; do what is best for your baby.

Don’t Bother With the Breast Pump

If you are breastfeeding but want to express milk, you may consider the pump. While it makes life easier, it’s not a necessity.

You can express by hand, but your baby will appreciate getting it straight from the breast instead.

Return the Unwanted Gifts

People will buy you things for the little one that you really don’t need. They don’t do it out of spite; they do it believing you need them. You may end up with duplicates or receive something that you know you’ll never use.

Instead of letting them sit there, return the gifts—if you explain, most people will be willing to give you the receipt so you can get something you will use and want.

Accept the Hand Me Downs

You’ll ahve friends who have had children and want to get rid of their baby clothes and items. Most of them are perfect for your little one. The only thing you may want to question is the car seat in case it has been involved in a car crash.

There is nothing wrong with accepting the hand me downs, it will definitely save you money in the long run.

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