Signs You’ve Made It as a Mum

The first few months of being a new mum is daunting. There is a lot to learn in a short space of time. You may feel like you just aren’t cut out for it as you continually make mistakes, whether it is forgetting a change of clothes, food for yourself or a toy for your little one to play with. While it doesn’t make you a bad mum, there are some signs that mums regularly say make them feel like they’ve made it.

Remembering Everything for Their Little One

Before going out on a trip, there are many things you need to take: spare nappies, wipes/cotton wool, change of clothes, bottles, snacks, etc.

You’re not used to packing so much for something so small and it takes time to develop that routine.

Many new mums say they feel like they’ve made it when they remember everything their baby needs for a trip out.


Sleeping Through the Night

Another sign that you are there is when your little one is sleeping through the night. This happens at different stages and isn’t a major thing for some mums – they don’t mind getting up or expect to.

There are times that babies won’t sleep through the night though, such as teething and being ill, so watch out.

Having a Change of Clothes

Babies make messes, whether it is a leaking nappy or throw up. Having a change of clothes right when you need it is a great sign.

It shows you’re preparing for the inevitable. Having two sets of clothes to change into is even better for some!


Knowing Your Baby’s Cues

Your baby will make cues when she wants picking up, wants food or is sleeping. Learning these cues is one thing that women regularly state as a sign that they’ve made it as a mum.

It helps with avoid temper tantrums by being overtired or a delay in getting food to the baby on time, which leads to a very stress-free mummy.

Creating a Routine

Routines are excellent for babies but it can take time to create one. Whether it is a bedtime routine or one throughout the day, this is often a sign women say means they’ve made it.

There is no set routine. Some babies have a bath-bottle-bed routine on a night while others have a story read to them before bed. Do what works for you.


Staying on Top of the House Work

Another popular sign is when you can stay on top of the house work.

It always seems like there is something to do, whether it is bottles or the laundry. Staying on top of it throughout the day is all part of your routine.

For the Parent/Guardian

Some women don’t quite feel like mums until they receive that letter addressed to the parent/guardian of their child.

This is something in writing from another body/individual that they’ve made it. Another is the permission slips if your child is at a day care or nursery.

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