The Must-Have Pregnancy Hospital Bag Items

You’re packing for the hospital, but what do you really need to take? Your midwife will have likely given you a list of all the recommended items, but do you really need to take them all? They probably don’t even fit into your bag! There are some items that you cannot do without before and after the birth of your baby and here are the must-have items.

Slip-On Slippers

You will need to walk around the hospital during your stay, so you need something on your feet. The best things to choose are slippers. They are comfortable, keep your feet warm and take less time to put on. Choose the slip-on ones. During pregnancy your feet swell, so getting those Ugg boot style ones on will be a pain.

Snacks and Boiled Sweets

You could be in the hospital for a long time. During labour, you won’t be allowed to eat much food—you may not even want to—but you need to keep your energy levels up. Have some of your favourite healthy snacks for eating between contractions. Boiled sweets are also great. They give you the sugar rush your body needs and are something to suck on to really savour, especially in the later stages.

Change of Clothes for You and Baby

Some women are in and out of hospital overnight. Others will need to be in for a few days. Pack for the few days scenario; you never know what will happen. Make sure you have a change of clothes and comfortable underwear. Long PJs that sit above your waist are recommended, but you may also find that long night gowns are worth an investment. Also, don’t forget a change of clothes, or two or three, for your little one.


Something to Read

Do you have a favourite book? It’s worth taking it with you because labour can be long. If you don’t have a book, take some magazines or puzzle books with you. There may be a TV in your room and you may have someone to talk to, but that doesn’t always happen and you don’t want to get too bored. There’s only so much talking you can do anyway!

Your Favourite Music

This is another great way to ease the boredom, but it could also ease the contraction pains. Put your favourite music on your phone or MP3 player and make sure it is fully charged — not all hospitals will allow you to charge your electrical devices there. Don’t forget your headphones though! The whole hospital doesn’t want to hear your music.

Instant Formula Cartons

If you’re choosing to bottle-feed your baby, make sure you have some cartons of formula milk. You don’t want to try and deal with boiling water and powder while you’re in the hospital. Even if you are breastfeeding, it may be worth taking a couple of cartons. It can take a while for the body to produce the milk your baby needs, and the last thing you want is for her to go hungry.

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