Surviving Financially When You Don’t Have a Job

There are still people struggling to find work. While benefits are available in some countries, they only go so far. You need to find ways to survive financially until you get a new job, whenever that may be. Here are some tips to help you survive and make the most of this situation.

Claim All the Benefits You Can

You may be too proud at first, or you may know how you feel about benefit scroungers. However, the best thing you can do right now is claim as many benefits as you can. Get help to pay your rent costs or towards your food, so you can spend the money in ways that aren’t covered by it.

You don’t want to have to choose between feeding your children and keeping them warm! It’s also worth asking about help finding jobs; there are schemes out there.

Talk to Your Family

Tell your family that you have hit hard times financially and that you could do with some help. Explain that you are looking for a job, and ask for financial help just until you get back on your feet.

There are a few ways of doing this. If you’re living on your own at the moment, you could ask to move back in with parents until you get a job. It means fewer outgoings since high rent costs are not so much of a problem.

Use the Charity and Thrift Stores

Some stores have items that cost a fortune. Other stores have items that cost very little. You want the latter right now. You may be used to designer clothes, but you need to work on your current financial situation.

Look at the charity stores and the thrift shops the next time you need new clothes or new books. There will be something; and you may even find second-hand designer goods!

Look for Free Days Out

You want to have some fun with your family, but going to theme parts and zoos cost a fortune. Find the free days, or the ones that have the great offers.

Museums and art galleries are usually free and just ask for donations if you can spare any at the end (you don’t have to give any money if you don’t want). These places are often fascinating for adults and children.

Take Packed Lunches

Stop buying your lunches or dinners while out. If you do go anywhere, make sure you take a picnic with you.

These are fun for the family, anyway, since you get to pack everything that you prefer instead of making do with the type of food that is there. You also save a fortune.

Make Changes at the Grocery Store

You need to make your food bill match your current financial budget. That means forgoing the expensive cuts of meat and focusing on the cheaper items around.

It’s going to be difficult at first, but you’ll be surprised at the type of delicious meals you can make.

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