6 Tips to Stop the Bedtime Arguments

Bedtime can be a tiring time for many households. Children just do not want to go to bed, no matter how tired they get. Of course, if you let them stay up way past their bedtime, they’re going to get overtired and it makes it harder to get them to sleep. It’s important to nip the bedtime arguments as soon as possible, and here are six tips to do that.

Create a Bedtime Routine

If your little one has a routine in place, she’ll be able to tell from the actions that it’s time to go down for a sleep. You can create whatever routine you want.

Some parents do bath, bottle, bed at start and then develop it when the little one comes off bottles. Some parents like to add in story time, while others prefer to have the music playing. Whatever it is, stick to it and she’ll get used to it.

Have a Set Bed Time

Decide on a time to start the bedtime routine, and stick to that time. There are a few things to consider for this. What time is best for the whole household?

When is she most likely to get tired? What is a time you can realistically stick to? As she gets older, you will need to push the time back gradually.

Don’t Fight Back

Children can kick, scream and punch to get their own way. It’s really important not to get into a disagreement with them.

Don’t let them decide when their bedtime is, and don’t let them get their own way after hours of screaming. It’s hard at first, but it does get easier and they soon realise that you are the one in charge.

The Silent Technique

Children tend to test your stamina for putting them back in bed. The first time they get out of bed, tell them it’s bedtime and put them back in. After that, you need to try the silent technique.

Simply place them back in bed. Don’t be tempted to answer their questions or kiss them goodnight. They’ve already had all that, and are now being naughty.

Persistence Is Key

It’s really important to persist with this. It can take days to get it right, but eventually you will have however many children all going to sleep when they are told.

In fact, you’ll get children who want to go to bed by a certain time because they know you’ve decided that is best for them.

Point Out the Tiredness the Next Day

When the children are tired the next day, make a point of telling them that that is what they get for not going to sleep on time. When they realise that they still have to get on with their normal daily routine despite being tired, they will start to find ways to ease that feeling.

They realise that it’s their own doing, and they don’t want it to happen again. Remind them how they’ll feel when they have the energy to do everything they want too.

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