You may not want to lose weight. To get beach body, you may just need to tone up and get firmer. Exercise helps with that, but so does food. It’s time to make a few changes to your diet to help you get the beach body of your dreams. Here are six foods you need to add to your shopping list right now.

Lean Meats for the Protein

You muscles need protein. This food group helps to build, repair and tone the shape of the muscles, as well as create a stronger body for you.

Protein comes from meat, but you need to think about the type of meat you eat. Lean cuts are the best because they have less fat. Focus on poultry for lower calorie options.

Mackerel, Salmon and Tuna for Omega 3

You may have heard a lot lately about Omega 3 rich foods. Oily fish is a great source of this mineral, and that includes the likes of tuna, mackerel and salmon.

These fishes are also full of vitamin B12, A, K and C, along with many other minerals that your body needs to help tone and shape it. You just need one portion of one of these a week and you will be on your way to a beach body.

Prawns to Clear Your Skin

Not everyone likes the idea of eating prawns, but if you’re not bothered by them then it’s time to add them to your weekly shopping list. Prawns offer many of the same benefits as salmon and tuna, but they are also full of selenium.

This mineral helps to boost the immune system, while improving the look of your skin. It’s time to get the glowing skin that your firmer beach body deserves.

Cottage Cheese for Low-Calorie Calcium

Your body needs calcium and vitamin D. Both of these come from dairy products that are known for being high in calories. This is where cottage cheese is your best friend.

It is low in calories, while being high in calcium and vitamin D. When you give your body all the nutrients it needs, the metabolism works at its optimum level, so you get the amazing beach body.

Kale and Spinach for Collagen Boosts

Kale, spinach and other dark leafy greens are a must for any diet, but will really help with your beach body.

They are full of so many minerals, including iron and magnesium. The minerals also help to boost the amount of collagen being produced, which helps to prevent your skin from tearing. This reduces the change of stretch marks and cellulite!

Any Red Vegetable, Including Beetroot

Red vegetables are a must for the diet. They’re full of lycopene, which is an antioxidant that the skin needs. This antioxidant like dark leafy greens helps to boost the amount of collagen being produce in the skin.

Your skin will become more flexible and no longer break when it stretches. They’re also full of fibre, which helps your body digest food properly instead of clinging onto it and being bloated.

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