Fun Activities for Children and You

You want to spend more time with your children, but you’re out of ideas for fun things to do. All they want to do is watch TV or play their video games. You know they need to get away from the technological babysitter now and then. Here are six activity ideas to do with your children that are fun for them and you.

Have Story Time

It’s time to put the TV away and pull out the books. Find ones that are suitable for their ages, and sit down to read a story with them. This is a great way to keep multiple children entertained, or spend special time with just one of them.

You can snuggle up on a chair or on a bed to read. If the children are old enough, encourage them to read the story to you to help them learn.



Go Outside

Have some fun outside. You can find your back garden perfect, but you could also go to the park or take a trip to some local woods.

Going outside is a chance for them to get fresh air, but also for bigger activities. You could also get some learning in by telling them about different insects or the trees and plants around.

Make It a Competition

Kids love competing to see who the best is. It’s time to use that to your advantage in your activities. While you want your children to get involved, you need to make it fair for all of them.

Come up with competitions that each one will excel at, and if one child seems to win everything give them a handicap to make it fun for all the rest. However, teach children how to lose and win graciously so everyone enjoys every aspect.



Take a Trip to a Local Museum or Library

Go to the museum in town, or just visit your local library. Going somewhere new is entertaining, and children will forget it’s educational eventually.

Many museums and art galleries now put on events, exhibitions and entertainment for all ages, which is great to get them involved and realise the fun in learning.

Do a Craft Project

Pull the arts and crafts out, and get them involved in a project. Maybe they already have one in mind or you have something you want them to try out. If not, take a look on Pinterest for ideas.

Get them to choose one thing that they would each like to do, and then they have to replicate it. You can put limitations based on the crafts you currently have available.



Play Family Board Games

Who said you can’t have fun without technology?

Board games are the original way to play something and enjoy your time together. Get the Monopoly out or try your hand at Pictionary. You could even have fun with Snakes and Ladders or Ludo if you have younger children. There are plenty of options to get them involved in your family fun.

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