Your Relationship Isn’t Good for Your Health: Signs to Look Out For

Did you know that your relationship may not be any good for your health? There are certain things that happen that will cause adverse effects to your body. It could be stress, high blood pressure or a long term illnesses. Here are signs to look out for that your relationship really isn’t doing your health any favours.

You’re Gaining Weight

Whether you’re happy or sad in your relationship, weight gain is an issue. When you get comfortable with someone, you start to eat anything and everything.

Women are more likely to gain weight because their portion sizes go up to match the man in their lives. It’s time to look at your food intake again, and take a step back if you are gaining weight.



You’re Not Sleeping

There could be something going on in the relationship that is stopping you from sleeping, but it could also be problems on the night. Do you find your man keeps you awake with his sleeping?

Maybe you wake up with him pushing you out of the bed. Sleep problems lead to many other health issues, including depression and stress. It’s time to find a way that works for the two of you so you can sleep.

You’re Not Happy With Him

Just not being happy with him is going to start affecting your health. You could be in a toxic relationship where he constantly puts you down, or he may do things that you absolutely hate.

It’s up to you to put a stop to it all, otherwise you will find your mental health really suffers. This eventually leads to your overall health being affected.



You Start to Drink More

Have you found that you drink more?

Sometimes it’s as a way to handle the relationship (which isn’t good in itself), and other times it’s because you find you go out more or enjoy it in the house. Drinking more alcohol is dangerous for your liver. It can only handle so much, and then you run the risk of cirrhosis. The cirrhosis takes a while, but do you really want to even put yourself in that position?

You’re Stressed All the Time

He doesn’t do the dishes. He’s not helping you with the laundry. He’s constantly out with the boys. All of those lead to stress. If you’re constantly stressed with your relationship, you will not be able to have fun and it affects every other part of your life.

Your blood pressure increases considerably, and you will find your sleeping pattern is completely thrown.



It’s Affecting Your Cancer Survival Possibility

If you get cancer, you want to be in a loving and supportive relationship. Studies show that a supporting relationship helps people fight cancer easier, and they have more chance of survival.

This can work for many other illnesses due to the way your brain works and helps to regulate hormones. Being happy and having someone supportive will also change the way you eat, so you focus on healthy, immune-building foods.

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