Teach Your Children to Use the Potty

There comes a point in any mother’s life when it’s time to potty train. This is easier for some than others but it doesn’t mean that a few helpful tips will go amiss. How do you know it is time to potty train your little one and how can you encourage her to tell you it’s “time to go”.

Don’t Rush Your Child Along

Two-years-old is about the right time to start this. Some mothers will start at 18-months and there is nothing wrong with that; it all depends on your child’s maturity levels.

By two years, children know more about their actions and can take instructions better. Avoid rushing your child into this or it will backfire.

Work on the Day and Then the Night

Night time potty training is much harder than during the day. The best thing to do is work on one time of the day at first—the day time is best since that is when your little one will be at day school or nursery.

As your child has dry days on a regular basis, you can move onto the night time training.

Don’t Get Angry at Accidents

Children have the odd accident. Expect it and tell your children that it’s fine: they will worry otherwise.

If you get angry at them or act disappointed, they will worry about it in the future and it can put them off potty training altogether.

Be calm, explain that it is fine and it happens but to tell you sooner the next time. Keep your voice calm and light.

Children Eventually Want to Do It

No child wants to go to school while still in nappies: all their friends will be using the big boy/girl toilet

. While your children don’t want to do it right now, eventually they will. Have some patience and avoid forcing them to use the potty on a daily basis. You don’t want to give them anxiety problems already!

Avoid Training During Disruptions

Even the slightest disruption will make potty training that much harder. If you’re moving home or going through a divorce (or even getting married!) hold off the potty training for now.

You want a time that is stable for your little one. Not only will it be easier for him/her, it will be better for you should there be some accidents.

Consider Doing It in the Summer

The summer months are warmer. Clothes dry at a quicker rate and your little one will be warmer when sitting on the potty.

This can really help with the initial potty training. Of course, that isn’t a definite time to start. It is completely up to you!

When They Know What They’re Doing

Your child will realise what she is doing eventually. She may tell you that she’s filling her nappy or that she needs to do a poo or wee.

This is the perfect time to start the potty training. She will be able to tell you when she needs to go and it will make it a little easier for you.

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