Money Saving Tips for the Cold Weather

Cold weather is going to start coming in. This is often the most expensive time of the year. For the Northern Hemisphere, not only is it winter but it’s also Christmas! The good news is that you can save money with these great tips.

Get Out and Do More

Activities don’t have to cost a fortune—or anything at all—but getting out will actually save you money. Wrap up warm and go on a walk with friends or take the kids to the local museum or art gallery.

You will stay out of the house, which means the electricity and heating is used at a minimum level, putting money in your pocket.

Wrap Up with Layers

Before reaching for the heating, consider whether you could put another layer on. This does get a bit excessive if you’ve already put on three or four but if you haven’t started then grab a jumper.

Many people will sit in their homes in a strappy top with the heating on full and then wonder why they’re spending a fortune on their energy bills. Do the same with babies—you’ll be surprised by how warm they stay!

Use a Hot Water Bottle

You will need to boil the kettle but this uses much less energy than turning the heating on.

Use a hot water bottle in bed to warm the sheets before you get in and have it if you are going to sit on the couch for a long period of time. You can buy mini bottles to put in your pocket or carry around the house with too.

Get Moving Around the House

Avoid sitting still for long periods of time. Get moving around the house, whether it is dancing like a maniac or getting all the housework done.

Encourage others in your house to do the same. You will all soon feel the benefit so you don’t need the heating on.

Set the Heating on a Timer

You don’t need the heating on all day. When you’re out at work, it doesn’t matter how cold the house gets.

Put the heating on a timer so it turns on just before you get in from work and then turns off automatically instead of being on all night.

Keep the Heating to the Minimum Temperature

You don’t need the heat at 20 degrees all the time. Turn the thermostat down to around the 16 degrees mark.

You will still feel the benefit and it will help to cost you less in the long term. Unfortunately, not all thermostats have this option.

Only Heat the Room You Are In

There is no need to heat every room in the house. Some rooms, like the kitchen, won’t need heating at all. Turn the radiators in other rooms off so you only heat the ones that need it.

If you move from room to room, consider trying to do it less for now, even if it means everyone sleeping in one room!

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