The Best Ways to Be Close to Your Nephews and Nieces

Even if you live around the corner from your sibling’s children, you may find it hard to see them as often as you like. Everyone has their own lives, and schedules can be gruelling. There are times that even the children don’t want to spend time with you. If you want to be close to your nephews and nieces, you need to think about how to be the best aunt possible.

Have Some Fun Together

Being an aunt is completely different to being a mom. You get to be the friend and sister to your sibling’s children, instead of being the strict parent. That’s why you get to have fun so much. When you have the opportunity to spend time with them, drop everything and pull out the arts and crafts, the toys and anything else that you all love to do together.


Create Memories to Treasure

Children want to remember the good times, so it’s up to you to give them that. Create memories that they are always going to treasure, whether it is through playing games, baking with them or taking them out for shopping trips. The more varied and fun things you do with them, the more time they’re going to want to spend with you.

Listen to Them

When there is a problem, be the person that sits and listens to them. Parents try to help, but there are times that children want someone else to talk to you. They need someone they can trust, won’t judge them and will be able to give them advice. You’re that person. Make it clear that you’re there whenever they need to talk.


Offer to Babysit

Parents don’t always like to ask if someone else can look after their children. They don’t like to be a burden. If you want to babysit your nephews and nieces, the best thing to do is offer your services. You could even create a regular schedule so that your siblings get some time to themselves and you get to spend more time as the best aunty in the world.

Treat Them to Things

You’ll hear being treated is spoiling, but there is a difference. Treating them to things they don’t need every now and then is fine. Giving into tantrums and mood swings is spoiling and should really be avoided. When you see your siblings’ children, spend some time treating them now and then. It could be a present while shopping or ice cream before dessert. Don’t do it all the time so they don’t get too used to it.


Remember Birthdays!

Birthdays are a must if you want to spend some time with your nephews and nieces—and want them to want to spend time with you. If you struggle to remember dates, put them in your diary at the start of every year, with reminders the week or so before to make sure you have presents. Avoid just money and get them something they will enjoy!

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