Working and a Mum: Don’t Be Ashamed and Help Your Children

Working mothers seem to get bad stick in the press, especially from non-working mothers. There is a lot about putting children into childcare, often day cares, and not spending quality time. It’s led to a lot of mothers feeling guilty about leaving their children at home. The truth is you don’t have to feel guilty. With a good balance, you and your children can really benefit from you going out to work.

Stay Up to Date with Work

You’ll be surprised at how far behind you are with work after taking maternity leave—and that’s no more than a year! Imagine taking all your children’s childhood out of work.

You would lose the skills that you had and, even if you kept them, they wouldn’t be relevant. The best way to keep up to date with the work place and the skills you have gained is to be there.



Socialise With Others

Being a stay-at-home-mum is great for spending time with your children but there comes an issue with socialising. It can be very isolating with only a babbling baby to talk to.

Even if you choose to go to parent and baby groups, it can be isolating and unsociable. By working, you will have the chance to talk to others of around your own age!

Teach Your Children to Socialise

You’re not the only person who gets to socialise. If you have no choice but to put your little one in a nursery, she will learn to socialise.

This is an important skill for opportunities in the future and there is no time to learn than as a baby. It won’t seem like she socialises much at first but babies pick up on cues and not words!



Your Children Learn to Share

If you have an only child, it can be difficult to teach sharing.

Even if you have more than one, teaching to share isn’t always possible – they may enjoy playing with different toys.

When in day care, other children will want to play with the toys your little one has.

Help With Separation Anxiety

As your baby gets older, around 10 months, separation anxiety sets in. You may find that your little one doesn’t want to be separated from you at all or is fine until you go out of the house.

Being a working mum helps with this as she’ll get used to you being away.



You Become a Good Role Model

Your children will follow you. If they think you don’t do anything, they will have those same aspirations.

Working makes you an excellent role model for them and will encourage them to have goals of their own.


Have a Better Family Life

When you’re looking after children, you tend to have the same stories time and time again.

It can get stale and you may feel guilty for your partner bringing in all the money. It can cause stress in the family life, which working avoids.

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