How to Spot Someone Who’s Always Negative

You want to keep the negativity out of your life, and that means keeping negative people away from you. When you meet someone new or find a new friend, you need to know if they’re going to bring your mood down. Here are six tips to tell if someone is a negative person or not.

They Never Seem Happy

When you see that person, take a look at their facial expressions and listen to the things they say. Have they ever said something positive? When you ask them how they feel, is it always something bad?

If they never seem happy, chances are they aren’t happy and they will start to bring you down. This isn’t something you need in your life right now. Yes, there are going to be bad days, but a positive person will have more good ones or at least turn a bad one into a good one.

They Point Out the Flaws in Everything

Unless you’re asking them to play Devil’s advocate, people shouldn’t always point out the flaws. If they do, it’s a sign they’re focusing on the negatives all the time and this is a sign of how their life is.

Try setting plans like going out for food. Does the person constantly give reasons not to go to places? Does she always tell you about the bad experiences and not the good ones?

There’s Bad Things Going on Everywhere

You have some exciting news, such as getting a promotion or moving to a bigger home. That negative person in your life will constantly find something bad about your good things.

There is nothing great happening. Some of the negative things could be small, but she will try to make them seem like the end of the world. Do you really want someone pointing out the bad all the time now?

She Expects Things to Go Wrong

Having that gut feeling that something will go wrong is normal. However, the negative person will expect everything in life to go wrong. She could even do something that makes sure it goes wrong so she can be the “told you so” type of person.

There are risks to everything, but you can’t constantly focus on them or expect them to happen!

Constantly Complaining About Everything

When that thing she expects to go wrong happens, she has to complain about it. Sure you have a little moan, but once your rant is over and done with you move on.

She can’t do that. The negative person will complain about every little thing happening in her life, and there is never an upside to a situation.

You’ve Been Warned

Have others said that your new friend is a Debbie Downer? Chances are they’re right. If you’re constantly being warned about her negativity and you’re seeing other signs, it’s time to get away.

This is someone who will pull your own mood down and you really don’t want that to happen.

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