Top Tips to Be Sandal Ready This Summer

The summer is just around the corner. You know you want to wear sandals but your feet are still in the winter condition. It’s the right time to start getting your feet read for the open shoes right now. Here are six tips to get your feet sandal ready in time for the summer.

Soak Your Feet on a Night

Your feet go through a lot during the day. It’s important to reward them for their hard work by giving them a good, long soak on a night.

Place a few soothing crystals in the water, or think about essential oils that help with locking in the moisture. Not only will your feet feel more relaxed, they’ll also look much better.

Remember to Exfoliate

It’s really easy to leave the bottom of your feet when you’re in the bath or shower. All that walking leads to dry skin, and you need to look after them. Exfoliating is the best way to get rid of the dry skin.

It will take a while to get rid of all of it, but you will get there if you do this on a daily basis running up to the summer.

Keep Your Toenails in Good Condition

Don’t let your toenails grow too long. They will just curl and can become very uncomfortable. When you are clipping your nails, do it straight across to avoid ingrown nails.

You can file the edges to prevent the sharp edges. If you have nail infections, now is the time to talk to your doctor about them to work on getting the perfect nails for the summer months.

Invest in Foot Creams

Moisturising your feet is essential, but you need to pick the right type of creams.

Foot creams are available, and offer many benefits including healing the dry and cracked heels. Think about these products, and look for those that offer extra nutrients into the skin. Your feet are often neglected during the winter and will really benefit from them.

Massage Your Feet

Sometimes all your feet need is some extra blood flowing to them. Massaging them helps with that. The massage will also help to relax the muscles and ease the pain from a long day at work or walking around shopping for your summer sandals.

If you don’t like the idea of someone else touching your feet, do it yourself by working your thumbs into the soles of your feet.

Get a Pedicure

Treat yourself to a pedicure. The professional will push back your cuticles, shape your nails and make your feet look amazing. You’ll soon feel like you’re ready for the summer. You will need to think about the upkeep of your pedicure after this.

It’s up to you if you want to pay for it on a weekly or fortnightly basis, or whether you want to do it yourself. Sometimes, just getting it done the once can give you the starting point to keep your feet sandal ready this summer.

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