Why Your Friendships Get Harder When You Age

As you get older, you expect life to get a little easier. You look forward to retiring and having more time to do the things you want. However, things can get harder, especially when it comes to friendships. Here are six reasons your friendships are going to get harder as you age.

Kids Make It Harder to Go Out

You loved going out with your girlfriends, and shopping when you wanted. When you have kids, it becomes harder to see each other. Your kids are there all the time, and it’s only when they leave home that you finally get some peace and quiet.

You need to find things to do that involve families, and that’s not so fun for those friends who don’t have kids yet.

It’s Hard to Create Friends With Colleagues

It’s much harder to make friends with those you work with. You’re forced to be around them all day, and you’re not necessarily going to get on with them.

Chances are you won’t want to be around them once the day ends, or you don’t arrange to meet for lunch or go for drinks at the weekend. When you move on from a workplace, you’ll usually find the friendships end there.

Friends Aren’t the Same Age

You’ll have friends who are 20 years older or younger than you when you get older. This can be rewarding, but it also makes things difficult. The younger people are into the technology and pick up new things to do.

Meanwhile, the older people are stuck in their ways and don’t want to hear about the new technology you’ve picked up. They also have different interests when it comes to going out and having fun.

You Move Away

As you age, you start to move away from your home town. This can make keeping friends so much harder.

You make a promise to see your school friends every so often, but that never happens. However, it has become a little easier with social media but that doesn’t mean it is still any easier than it was when you were in school.

Life Gets in the Way

As well as kids, general life gets in the way. You now have to think about money, paying the bills and supporting others around you. This can really put a dampener on your life with your friends.

You can’t find time to meet up because of other commitments, and when you do you just don’t have the money to do anything fun!

Retiring Stops You Seeing People

If you retire earlier than your friends, you end up with nobody to see. You spend your days looking for things to do.

You could go into your old workplace, but they start talking about their jobs, the person who took over from you and then they have to get back to work. It makes it difficult to keep those bonds going and find ways to hang out that is great for you all.

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