6 Dangerous Expectations of Marriage

There are certain things you will hear about marriage before it actually happens. Many of these misconceptions have developed from fairy tales and Disney movies. However, they are dangerous expectations that can lead to divorce later down the line. Couples start to view themselves as inadequate. Here are six dangerous expectations of marriage that you need to forget about.

Happy Couples Will Never Argue… Ever

There’s the idea that married couples will never ever argue. Happy couples constantly agree on things, and they will always find the perfect compromise. This just does not happen.

Two people will never have the same views and opinions, no matter how long they have been together. The difference between good and bad relationships is the type of arguments they have. Happy couples will be able to solve differences quickly and effectively.



Neither in the Couple Will Feel Lonely Ever Again

The next one is the idea that once you’re married, you will never feel lonely.

This just isn’t the case. There are times that he’ll be gone, and you do feel on your own. There are times that things start to go wrong, and you feel lonely. The trick to this is communication. Good and happy couples discuss their feelings, and always find ways to spend time with each other now and then.

You Need Marriage to Be Complete

It’s a very old-fashioned view that getting married is the only way to feel complete. It’s also a view that a happily married couple will be complete. This is not always the case.

Everyone is different, and it depends on what you really want from life. Being married could be just part of what makes you feel complete. You may want children, a specific job or something else to happen in your life. There is nothing wrong with that!

You’ll Never Have a Bad Day

Your wedding day is full of amazing surprises that you’ll start to think that your whole married life is going to be like this.

Your wedding day is just one day. There’s just so much to your marriage. Your life will be full of ups and downs, and you need to remember that. You will have bad days and things will happen to test your relationship and happiness.

You Don’t Need Anyone Else

The next dangerous expectation is the idea that you will never need anyone else. You may believe that you’ll never find anyone as attractive as him, or that nobody else will compare.

Things happen, and other men can suddenly spring up in your life. Being ready for this will help you handle your feelings much easier so you remain faithful.

He Should Know Everything You Need Without Telling

You see it in the movies all the time: a guy just guesses what the love of his life wants or needs. It’s a dangerous expectation, because it can lead to a breakdown of marriage or lack of communication.

It’s important to talk to each other. You cannot expect him to know exactly what you need. Do you know all of his wants and needs? The answer is probably no!

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