Is It Time for Contact Lenses?

You’ve been wearing glasses all these years, but now you need to wear them all the time. It can be really annoying, especially when you want to show off your awesome new eye makeup. It could actually be time for contact lenses. Here are some signs you should try them out.

You Don’t Have a Problem Touching Your Eye

While you’ll never actually need to touch your eyeball, the idea of your finger going anywhere near it can put some people off. If this isn’t a problem you have, it’s a sign that contact lenses are for you.

This is something you will get used to, so don’t worry if you hate the idea right now. Just let your optician aware of it when you make your appointment because it will take longer to get through that first appointment.



You Hate Wearing Your Glasses

Glasses can be uncomfortable, especially if you need them all the time.

Even if they fit perfectly, you have to put up with rain getting on them and them steaming up. If this really eats away at you, it’s time to start thinking about lenses that you put inside your eyes.

Daily Maintenance Isn’t an Issue

You will have to take your contacts out on a daily basis. This involves solutions and cleaning them. If you don’t mind the maintenance and are willing to put the effort in, definitely consider contact lenses.

Those who don’t go through the maintenance on a daily basis put themselves at risk of eye infections and ulcers, and that can lead to sight loss!


You Play Sports

If you’re active such as through playing sports, contact lenses are perfect for you. There’s little risk of them falling out despite what you see in the movies, and they’re not likely to get broken.

You can even get lenses just for playing your sports. Daily lenses are placed in and then thrown away after removal instead of requiring all that maintenance.

Your Eyes Are in Good Health

Your optician will need to check your eyes for the health of them at the back.

He will also want to make sure there are no ulcers, signs of infection or any other reasons why lenses are not suitable. He will usually mention to you that lenses are a possibility, especially if you mention that you have been thinking about them. You will need regular checks (more regular than your glasses checks) to make sure the health of your eye remains good.



Your Hygiene Is Good

This doesn’t mean that you never shower! It’s more of a case that you have the capabilities of following good hygiene—for example, those on military exercises in the middle of a field for weeks on end may struggle with this.

Your lenses need to remain clean, and your hands need to be clean during the insertion and removal process. A little dirt can cause infection and will also make the lenses extremely uncomfortable to wear.

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