6 Things Not to Do After a Breakup

You’ve just broken up with your boyfriend, or he’s broken up with you. It is now time to get over him. The problem is there are certain things women like to do that prevents them from getting to the other side of the breakup river. Wondering if you’re doing them right now? Here are the six things you need to avoid doing after a breakup.

Beg Him to Take You Back

Whoever made the decision, you need to accept that it is over. It’s going to take time to get to acceptance, but you can help it by not begging him to take you back. If you instigated the breakup, you’re sending him mixed signals.

If he instigated it, you just look desperate. You’ll never move on if you don’t let yourself.



Try to Remain Friends Right Now

You won’t go back to being friends right now. It takes a while to get over the heartbreak from the relationship, and you’re exes first and foremost right now. The best thing to do is accept that. Don’t even try to remain friends at this moment in time.

You both need the time to heal, and you need space to do that. The time may come where you’re friends again, but it requires patience.

Swear Off Men

Is that really realistic? Of course not! Now is not the time to make any rash and ridiculous decisions to swear off men for the rest of your life.

Your friends won’t take you seriously anyway, and you could end up resenting yourself when you realise you’ve gone back on that promise. Give yourself the time to heal from the breakup, and take it as a learning experience. Something went wrong, and you have to determine what it was and why.



Lock Yourself Away

Don’t lock yourself in your room. You need people around you right now. Women go through a similar process as those who a grieving when it comes to a breakup. You will be upset, angry and in denial at first.

Your friends and family members are there to help you get past these stages, so you can move onto acceptance and just get on with your life.

Believing Your Life Is Over

It’s really not over, and you know it. There is some truth in that saying “there’s plenty more fish in the sea.”

There are other guys out there. Your ex wasn’t the right guy for you, and the breakup is giving you the chance to get back out there. You may find it hard to trust at first, but you will get to the point where you’re ready for Mr. Right.



Rebound With Any Guy

Rebound relationships are common, but you want to avoid this. It’s a sticky part, and can make the breakup worse. Don’t be tempted to go out and rebound with the first guy you meet.

Also watch out for rebounding with your guy friends. Give your heart time to heal and then move on.

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