Wedding Weight Loss Tips: Look Perfect for Your Big Day

You want to look perfect on your wedding day. It’s understandable, but you may be running out of time. You need to start working on your diet now if you want to stand a chance. The good news is there are a few simple tips that you can follow that will see you drop a dress size or two, so you look your best on your wedding day. Here are six wedding weight loss tips to follow.

Focus on Drinking More

Your body needs water. There are high chances that when you feel hungry you’re actually thirsty. It’s worth grabbing a drink before you reach for the snacks, even the healthy ones!

You should drink around eight glasses of water a day, but you will need more if it is hot or you exercise a lot. The more you drink, the less water you will retain!

Create a Calorie Deficit

You don’t need to go on a strict, crash diet to lose weight.

A calorie deficit is going to help, and that does not mean limiting your calories to 500 a day! Dropping your daily intake by 500 a day will see you lose around 1-2 pound per week. It doesn’t sound like a lot right now, but it is healthy and sustainable. You can create a calorie deficit by doing more exercise or eating less.

Focus on Healthy and Balanced Meals

A diet doesn’t mean cutting out the chocolate. It’s all about everything in moderation, and that even means the healthy snacks.

Focus on opting for a healthy and balanced meal, without cutting out the carbs, fats or anything else the crazy crash diets tell you to do. You can have a baked potato, but have tuna or beans on it instead of a lot of cheese and butter!

Cut Down on Sweet Treats

Just because you can have them doesn’t mean you need to eat them.

Think about whether you’re really eating in moderation, and consider any tasting sessions you have coming up. You will need to taste cakes to find the right one for you, and you will need to take wines to find the best to go with your meal.

Use Dress Fittings as Motivators

As you lose more weight, your dress will need to be taken in. Use this as a motivator. You will look fabulous, and your tailor is not going to be upset at the idea of taking your dress in more!

You could even opt for a dress that you would never have opted for in the past.

Do More Exercise


Weddings are stressful, but you can use that to your advantage. The best way to get rid of stress is to work it off. Get more exercise into your day. You’ll lose the pounds and get to clear your head at the same time.

You may even find it much easier to make your decisions, such as what meal everyone will eat and how you’ll deal with the best friend that doesn’t want to wear the bridesmaid dress you picked.

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