6 Things Not to Do or Say at the Start of a Relationship

You’ve just started a new relationship, and you want to make sure it goes well. If you’ve been in bad relationships in the past or struggled with a sticky breakup, you may worry that this one is going to end up the same way. So, you need to know the things that you need to avoid doing and saying, especially at the start of your relationship. Here are six of those things.

Constantly Talking About Your Ex

The current man in your life does not want to constantly hear about your previous boyfriend. Yes, you will need to have a conversation about the previous relationships you have been in, but keep it all to that one conversation.

Then leave the past in the past. Your new guy doesn’t need to know all the details; just details that could affect his relationship with you.


Hating His Friends

You may find his friends childish and annoying, but you need to keep your thoughts to yourself.

He will choose his friends over you, especially at the start of a relationship. If you really don’t like them, arrange to see him when they’re not around and let him enjoy his nights out with the boys. There are times that you will need to hang out with his friends, so learn to be civil and find good points about them.

Discussions About Money

Financial conversations need to be left for later in the relationship. There is no need for you to know just how much he makes each month, or how he spends that money afterwards. You can ask him about the type of work that he does, but keep away from just how lucrative that job is.

The only time you need to talk about finances is if you are thinking about starting a life together. Talking about money too soon makes you look interested in only that thing.


Talking About the Future

If you scare guys away often, it could be discussing the future way too much too soon.

Yes, you want to share your plans for the future, but you can’t expect him to want to plan the whole thing out with you. He is testing the waters right now, just like you. He wants to know if you’re someone he sees in his future, and vice versa. Talk about your dreams and where you’d like to be in your life or career, but hold off the serious talk for now.

Hating the Family Members

His family members mean the world to him. Not liking his friends can be dealt with, but if you don’t like his family then there really is no future for the two of you. Besides, you have only just met his family. There could be things about them that aren’t as horrible as you first thought.

There are some people in the world you can’t get along with, and that might be someone in his family. You need to learn how to deal with situations and find good points about them if you want to make the relationship work.

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