Can You Be the Perfect Couple?

Is it possible to be the perfect couple? Part of this will depend on your view of the perfect couple. There will be arguments—any couple that tells you differently is lying—but you need to work out how to solve those arguments. Here are some tips to help you become the perfect couple, whether you have or don’t have kids.

Start as Soon as You’re Home

Yes, it’s been a long day at work, but you need to start showing your love and appreciation for each other as soon as you’re both home from work, play dates or whatever else is going on.

There may be others who want your attention, like toddlers or pets, but make sure your spouse gets the attention right away. Pick up your toddler and then go to your spouse to spend time together.



Go Back to the Dating Stage

It’s easy for the relationship to become stagnant and boring. This leads to resentment and one or both of you looking for love and attention elsewhere.

Mix it up a bit by going back to the dating stage. You could re-enact your first date or do some of the things that you enjoyed in the bedroom when you first go together.

Spend Some One-on-One Time

If you have children and pets, it’s time to find a sitter. You need some time to yourselves as a couple. This could be arranging a date night every week or fortnight or you may want to set a time to have some bedroom fun.

Make sure the time is just for the two of you together. Turn off the cell phones and make it clear you’re not available to anyone else.



Stop Blaming Each Other for Everything

Take a step back and assess every situation. That’s what you did at the start, right? You didn’t jump straight into blame each other for something not getting done, right?

So he didn’t do the washing up like he said. Take a breath and talk to him about it. He may have a really good reason for not doing it, or he may just have forgotten.

Have Lives Outside of the House

You can’t do everything together. You need to have friends of your own and lives outside of the house. Find other mums to talk to or join a group so you have other women and men to discuss things with and have fun.

Don’t stop him from seeing his friends, unless you know that there is a really good reason (like you already had something planned that you really can’t change).



Get Away from the Hustle and Bustle

Spend some time away from everything. Every now and then, book a holiday somewhere, even if it is just for a night or two.

This will get you away from the family life and allow you both to just be together. Make it clear that it’s not a time for the whole family to be there.

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