Get What You Want in the Bedroom

Men tend to have one orgasm and then they are finished. It can be annoying for women, especially if they are not pleasured fully. While you want to be a generous lover, there are times that you need to focus on yourself. You need to do a few things so you get what you want in the bedroom. Here are a few tips to do just that.

Be Selfish Sometimes

Every now and then, make the bedroom all about you. Take control and be selfish. Make sure he pleasures you before he reaches his climax.

The truth is that he wants to pleasure you anyway and wants to make sure you get something out of it.


Let Him Know What Works for You

Men are not mind-readers. They don’t really get hints either! If you want something, you need to tell him what it is. This works in the bedroom. You know what works for your body so tell him. If you don’t like him doing something, you don’t have to just grin and bear it.

You can tell him but give him some ideas of what will work for you more. Encourage him to do the things that you enjoy so you get what you want in the bedroom.

Take Control One Night a Week

For one night a week, make sure you are in control. He has to do everything that you want him to. You could choose to make sure he does everything that works for you or that you manipulate the positions to work best for you.

The choice really is yours on how you handle this situation. He’ll love you being in charge—most men love dominant women now and then.


Be Open to Experiment Together

There are some things that you probably haven’t tried so how do you know if you will like them or not? Encourage him to experiment with you.

You could buy the Karma Sutra and try out the different positions or have a sex game in the house. This is a great way to have some fun and make sure you both get the attention you deserve.

Use Food to Get Him to the Right Places

If you struggle to say what you want out loud, use food to get him to all the right places. Whipped cream is a great way to put on the sensitive parts of your body and then he has to lick it off.

If he doesn’t like cream, there are plenty of other options, including melted chocolate. Have some fun together and get what you want.


Do a Little Role Play

Role play can really help you get what you want in the bedroom and is worth trying. You could dress up as a nurse to look after a sick patient or dress up as a police woman.

You could even decide to go to the same bar and pretend you don’t know each other! Indulge in the game and make it clear what you want as the character.

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