How to Heal a Relationship After a Breakdown

All relationships suffer breakdowns. The good news is that it’s normal and you can fix them afterwards. It can take time, depending on the reason for the breakdown and the type of relationship, but here are some tips to help you get started.

Communicate with Each Other

The breakdown was likely due to a lack of communication. It is time to talk to each other and discuss the issues. This isn’t the time to start screaming and shouting at each other.

You need to listen to each side of the story, and then talk about your feelings. You may realise that there was no reason to fight after all. Of course, you may also realise that there is a permanent breakdown and one that cannot be fixed after all.


Reach Out to Spend Time with Friends

Relationships break down because friends drift apart. This is completely natural with so much changing in life.

People move away, you get new partners and you may end up with your own children. It’s really important to limit the drift as much as possible. Arrange to meet up with your friends, discuss future plans and keep in touch by calling regularly. Make sure both of you know that you’re invited into each other’s life.

You Can Make New Friends

There is nothing wrong with having other friends. In fact, some people will have friends for different parts of their lives. It’s good to have other friends. Being around the same people time and time again gets tiresome.

If you’re marital relationship is breaking down, it could be that you need some time apart to spend it with friends and family members. Make time for everyone in your life, and arrange to have breaks from those that you’re always with.


Re-evaluate Your Time Together

You may find that the relationship is very one-sided. You’re there for her, but she is never there to spend time with you or help you through a situation.

There is the chance that it is the other way around. It’s really important to nip this in the bud before you continue with the relationship and start to resent the situation. Start by talking to her about it, and if she can’t reason with you or make the effort it’s time to move on.

Time Limitations Get In the Way

Understand that time limitations do get in the way. She may be busy this week, and wants to arrange to meet up next week instead.

You may not have time for coffee when she wants, but you need to suggest a different day or time instead. If you’re both not willing to work around each other’s schedule, it’s going to be difficult to stop the breakdown going any further.


You’re Not Always Right!

A woman is always right…that’s what we like to think.

However, you will make mistakes and you will do something wrong. It’s important to acknowledge that and admit it. Say sorry and help the relationship heal and move on.

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