Are You a Geek? Here’s Why That’s Cool!

Being a geek is cool. Think about it: just how many people are now dressing as a geek to look cool? You don’t need to try hard, and you can just be yourself. But why has being a geek become the in thing at the moment? Well, here are six reasons why.

You Have Plenty of Hobbies and Interests

There is never a dull day in your life. There is always something to be excited about, whether it’s an upcoming comic book convention or creating a new program that helps the world.

You have so many hobbies and interests that you will always be able to find something to do, and someone to talk to. Those who aren’t geeks have a handful of things that interest them, and those interests don’t happen all year round.


You Show Off Your Commitment

You’re committed to everything that you do. Like anyone, there will be one thing that you love more than anything else, but you’re still committed. This helps you in so many other parts of your life.

You can dedicate time with your family and spend time with friends and other loved ones. You feel like you have a purpose in life, which is something that many others never feel like they have. They drift between jobs and interests without focusing on anything.

You’re Driven to Succeed

Your commitment helps to drive you towards success. There is always something to work on, something to do, and something that you can achieve.

You have a series of goals and aims in life, and that makes you a very interesting person. Too many people lack the passion, which means they end up lacking the drive to actually succeed at anything.


You Have the Smarts

So you may not be street smart, but you have the smarts in other ways of life. In fact, that makes you highly useful.

Think about the people who have helped to treat cancer and those who are working on solving world poverty. All of these people are smart in other ways than on the streets. They work on their passions and interests. You could end world hunger one day.

There Is Always Something to Talk About

A conversation will never be dull with you around! You will always find something to talk about, whether it is the other galaxies in the universe or how a certain food is made.

You find so much interesting that you end up having a lot of useless trivia in your head. That’s not a bad thing—don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


People Will Be Jealous Later

You know that people will be jealous of you later in life.

Because of your intelligence, passion and drive, you have managed to succeed in ways that others have dreamed of. You may have started your own business, or be the head of a major organisation. You’re the one that is hiring those who always thought you weren’t cool in school.

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