Make That Kiss Perfect

Chemistry is important for any relationship. Some of that comes from that first kiss. You need the spark if you want that first date to go further. Here are some tips to make the kiss perfects—and some things not to do!

It’s Not Just About the Lips

Other parts of your body need to get involved during the kiss. Allow your hands to feel the back and hair of the man and lean your body in. This shows that you want the kiss to happen.

If you just stand static, it gives the impression that you’re not enjoying it—and the other person won’t enjoy it either!



Avoid Stopping Him Mid Kiss

Whether it is something that you’ve thought about to mention or you don’t like the way he kisses you, don’t stop him! Men are insecure and it will turn him off if you do. Allow him to continue and wait.

Tell him what you needed afterwards. If it is the kissing that’s the problem, suggest something different next time—remember to do it playfully to avoid upsetting him.

Try Different Things

Avoid sticking to the same type of kissing the whole time. Even during the kissing, try something different.

It stops both of you getting bored and keeps the spark alive throughout. Pecks, nibbles, slow and sensual kissing are all different types that you could try.



Let Him Explore Your Mouth

Men love exploring and he will want to while kissing you. Don’t stop him; it just shows that you’re not open to letting him do something that he’d like. It can be a sign that you won’t let him explore you in other ways.

Allow your lips to relax and let his tongue into your mouth. This will also help you lower your inhibitions and get more into the kiss; another way to add the passion and spark.

Try Some Soft Nibbling

Try nibbling on his bottom lip. Sucking gently is another option. This often surprises him and something that men absolutely love.

There is the danger of doing it too much other or hurting. Remember that you want it to please him not hurt him! Keep in mind that this is the only time that your teeth should be used—let your tongue and lips do the rest of the work!



Don’t Let It Get Sloppy

Using your tongue too much adds a lot of saliva. This just gets messy and will make him feel like he’s being licked by a dog!

Avoid it as much as possible. Caress his lips gently but don’t constantly go in and out with your tongue.

Pull at His Hair

Pulling at his hair makes it clear that you are interested so do it! However, make sure it is gently. You don’t want to pull his hair out or having going home wondering what happened to him.

Running your fingers and just tugging on it is perfect. He will love knowing that you are so into him and it guarantees that second date.

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