Spice Up Your Backyard

Let’s say you’re not big into gardening and all that comes along with having flowers and vegetables in your backyard. There are other ways to put a little life into your yard without having to worry about watering, weeding or feeding your plants on a daily basis.

You can still have certain flowers and greenery in your garden, but you will not have to tend to them every day. Creating a rock garden is the perfect alternative to having a luscious and colorful flower garden. You will be able to bring your yard to life with some good time and a little bit of effort.

Depending on the size of your yard depends on where and how large you make your rock garden. For larger yards, you can get a little more creative and make walkways throughout or have a tiered garden. Adding water features is also an option whether it’s a small waterfall or a pond with some Koi fish in it.

Think of some plants you might want to include amongst your rocks and boulders and try to narrow it down to plants that adapt with each other and are similar in water and food requirements. It will be a lot easier to maintain down the road if the plants you have all coincide with one another.

When it comes to buying materials to get everything started, be sure to plan everything out accordingly. Do not think you have to go out and spend a ton of money on all of your rock garden items. It could look unnatural and oddly placed if you buy structured and similar rocks and boulders.

Instead, do some driving and exploring; pick up chunks of broken concrete foundation from a construction project or go to a park and get unique colored and looking pebbles and rocks. Bases of rivers are always good for washed up rocks as well. To fill in spaces of the big boulders, fill it in with pea gravel or crushed up rocks.

Marking off the areas where you will be constructing your rock garden is important. Just throwing it all together can make for sloppy mistakes and the last thing you want to do is pick everything up and move it around after you’ve already placed it all. Use wooden stakes with flags attached to them or even spray paint to outline where you want everything to go.

You will have to remove all of the grass in this sketched off area so be sure you are 100% clear about where everything is going. Ripping up grass and dirt for no reason is pointless and would ruin your already manicured, lush lawn.

Research is your best friend when it comes to constructing a big project like this. However, after it is all completed, you will be very pleased with how sophisticated and taken care of your backyard looks. Spicing up your yard with these fun ideas will be sure to turn your neighbor’s heads!

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