Signs Your Man Is Going to Propose

It’s the month of love and the time for many couples to get engaged. If you’re still waiting for him to pop the question, he may be looking at doing it this month. But you want to be ready right? And you want to know whether it will happen or you’re just hoping it will. Well, here are some signs that your man is very likely to propose.

He’s Been Acting Very Secretive Lately

This could also be a bad sign, but if he’s acting secretive then he is trying to get the day set up perfectly. He may be organising a dinner at your favourite restaurant or trying to talk to your friends to make sure you get to a specific spot at a specific time. This should only start a week or so before he proposes, so if it is going on longer you may want to talk to him.

Your Best Friend Is Asking Ring Questions

Is your best friend asking about your ring size or wanting to know more about the type of ring you’d like? If she is suddenly doing this and has never shown an interest before, it is a big sign that your man has talked her into finding out the size and style details from you.

He wants the ring to match your preferred style, since it’s something you need to live with for the rest of your lives together.

His Friends Are Settling Down

All his friends are settling down, so it’s time for him to too. You may not like that idea, but it really is a good sign.

It means he’s maturing and you’re the person he is choosing to settle down with. He’s just been waiting for the perfect time in your lives together.

He’s Not Going Out as Much

If his friends haven’t settled down yet, that isn’t a bad sign. You want to look at the way he is acting around them. Does he go out with them as often as he used to? Does he still act in the same immature fashion as he always has? If he’s starting to spend more nights in with you, he’s looking at settling down—one of his friends has to be first, and he’s decided it’s going to be him.

He’s Talking About the Future

He wants to know your plans for the future and is talking about his with you. This is a very good sign, because he’s trying to find out what you want from life and whether you’re compatible for the long term.

He’s also making sure that you want a long term relationship with him.

You’re Getting a Pet Together

Getting a pet is a big commitment. If you’re doing it together, it’s a major sign that he wants to be with you and he’s likely to propose. Having a pet is very similar to having a child.

You have to think about care when you’re away and work together to feed him and bathe him etc. It’s the first step to having a family for many.

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