What Does He Think About Your Naked Body

Getting naked in front of a man can be a scary thought. So many women have insecurity issues when it comes to this. You may think you’re too fat or too thin. You may worry about those stretch marks from having a baby. The truth is he doesn’t care! Here’s what he really thinks about your naked body.

He Loves Seeing You Like That

The truth is that he loves to see you in the nude. He doesn’t care that you have a few stretch marks here and there or that you’re slightly overweight. Remember that he loves you for you.

Don’t let this be the make or break of your relationship. Let him see you in all your glory.


He’s Worried About His Looks Too

Men worry about being naked just as much as women. They just don’t make it as obvious! Think about the insecurities he has and remember what you think about his body.

You don’t criticise every little bit about him. You love him for who he is and he will be thinking the exact same things as you. You are your own worst critic so remember that.

You’re Eye Candy to Him

He will be like a kid in a sweetie shop. To him, you are his dream. It is worth remembering that the hormones in men are different to those in females and it makes them act differently.

Men love to see naked women—why do you think there are so many naked women in men’s magazines? He’s focusing on the fact that you are naked, not the details of your waist or skin!


He’s Planning His Next Move

Once you are naked, he is starting to plan his next move. He is thinking about what he will do to you now that he has you all alone and just the way he wants you.

His thoughts will move onto the foreplay and how to please you (well, hopefully! He may be thinking about his own pleasure too). A man’s focus is on the next few moments in his life; not the way that you look.

He Will Focus on the Difference

A woman’s body is completely different to a man’s. That’s an obvious point but something that he will be thinking about.

His mind is focused on the fact that you are so different. He isn’t comparing your size. He is comparing how different your build is to his own.


His Mind Is Wholly on You

You’re probably thinking about how your body compares to his ex-girlfriend’s or your own friends’.

Stop this! He isn’t comparing your body to theirs. His mind is fixated on you—just where it should be!

He Wants to See How Your Body Moves

His mind will take in the way that your body moves without clothes on. You can add to this by setting up candles in the bedroom.

This offers a little privacy for you and allows shadows so he can see more of the way your body moves.

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