What the Matchmakers Are Failing to Tell You

If you’re looking into dating services, you may want to know your chances of finding a date. There are some things matchmakers aren’t going to tell you. After all, they want your business so leaving these common factors out are the way to help get that. Here are things that you need to know before you hire someone.

Matchmakers Don’t Need to be Certified

In short, anybody in the world can be a matchmaker. That doesn’t mean that they are worth your money. There are certifications available, and some will choose to get them. However, many choose to trade without these certifications. Of course, not having the certificates does not make them bad, but there are more risks to be aware of.

You Should Google Specific Matchmakers

The industry is unregulated, which means it is difficult to tell whether someone is any good or not. The problem comes with businesses that get bad reviews, close, and then start trading under different names. Instead of looking into the business, you want to look into the specific matchmakers. This will help to make sure they are not setting up businesses that are not reputable and a waste of money.

When You’re the First Client?

Do you see an empty waiting room? Is the phone not ringing off the hook? There are chances that you are a person’s first client—everyone will start somewhere. That doesn’t mean your matchmaker is bad, but it does mean that there are potential risks. The best thing to do is consider the price. Those starting out will usually charge much less than someone with an excellent reputation.

There Are No References

The best way to tell if someone is any good is by asking for references. There is a reason employers do this. You should ask for someone who has finished using the service and someone who is currently using it. It will give you an idea of how good the matchmaker is, and how long it could take you to find a partner.

No Matches at the Moment

Not all matchmakers will tell you if there are no matches at the moment. They do it to keep you on the books for longer, in the hope that someone will turn up. However, reputable firms will tell you the truth. If you feel like you are being led on, there is nothing wrong with asking whether there are any matches right now and looking for someone else if not.

There Are No Guarantees

Reputable services will acknowledge that no match is a guaranteed success. However, those desperate for clients will say anything. They could say that there is a guarantee you will find your match within a certain number of days, or that you will go on a certain number of dates. Look out for these statements. There is nothing wrong with asking the company to hold to that by getting a refund guarantee in writing should it not happen.

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