Why You Need to Have Sex Everyday

You may have heard that sex is good for you. Did you know that having sex everyday is good for you? You may not feel like you’re in the mood, but push those thoughts aside and focus on these great benefits.

It Helps You Relax

Sleeping is much easier after a night together because your body is more relaxed. All the right chemicals have been released from the brain, including serotonin and endorphins.

You’ll be happier and pain-free as you try to get a good night’s sleep. You may also feel the benefit of cuddling afterwards too.



It’s a Form of Exercise

Sex increases your heart rate and can really get the blood pumping around the system. While you may want a night of easy sex, taking control and doing all the work will really help use up some of those calories.

Just think about how hot you get in the middle of it, and you use various muscles in your body. It can’t replace a good jogging session, but it is definitely better than nothing.

Boost Your Immune System

It may surprise you to hear that a night of sex will increase your immune system. There is more immunoglobulin A produced in the body due to a night of love-making, which is an essential antibody.

It has been known to fight off common colds, let alone all the other nasties that are in the air.



Get Closer to Your Partner

The intimacy can disappear as your relationship gets older, and you risk it going stale. Sex can improve the intimacy.

If you’re worried about not having any of this, there are certain positions that pull you closer, so you are physically and mentally more together than ever before. There are other positions if you just want a wild night of fun.

Help to Improve Your Confidence

You may still not feel comfortable being in bed with your partner. This is common for women, but sex actually helps that. You can explore his body and he can do the same.

By doing it every night, this continues to the point where your confidence in the bedroom improves. Eventually, your confidence outside of the bedroom will also receive a boost.



Helps to Knock Years Off Your Life

Sex can make you look younger. Your skin gets a new glow and the exercise can work off wrinkles by building muscle.

The endorphins in the body are linked to creating better skin, which are released during a night of love making. You will also feel younger in yourself as you feel you have more energy to do things.

Makes You Feel Happier

Remember that it releases the right chemicals? One of those is known as the happy hormone, which is perfect for making you feel happier in your life.

If you’re regularly one of those who is a glass half empty, you will find that your pessimism turns to optimism. You will feel great, and that affects your outlook on life.

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