You Know the Men Who Make the Perfect Boyfriend

Are you constantly searching for Mr. Right? There are high chances that you know the men who make the perfect boyfriends. They will be right under your nose, and you may even talk to them on a daily basis. Here are some of the men you probably know who are well worth considering.

That Next Door Neighbour

You probably already talk to your neighbours and there could be some men around your age. There are many benefits to this guy. He lives close to you, so you’ll be able to see him and see who goes to his house.

You possibly already know quite a bit about him and he you if you regularly talk. Consider him as boyfriend material and work on ways to put that consideration into action.

The Male Best Friend

All women have a male best friend. You need one to get that guy perspective when something goes wrong. However, have you ever considered him as a boyfriend?

You already know so much about him and you know the type of women he’s been with in the past—and the heartbreak that they have led to—and vice versa. Not every woman will want to consider this in fear of ruining the friendship, but if there is a physical attraction between you, it’s definitely worth thinking about.

The Quiet Guy In the Office

Look around the office and consider the different guys around. There is always a quiet guy, who simply gets on with his work and barely talks to his colleagues.

However, chances are he listens to them! Quiet guys are the perfect listener and make great boyfriends. Strike up a conversation with him and see what he’s like on a personal level. You may be pleasantly surprised.

A Band Member

If you’re in a band, you will have guys around you all the time; some of those will be in the band with you. Chances are you like the looks of some of those guys and they’ll make the perfect boyfriends.

You already know them on a personal level and they could already be close friends and confidants. Spend some time to get to know them better and consider whether they make the perfect boyfriend for you.

The Friend of the Family

It could be your brother’s best friend or your mother’s friend’s son. Either way, the friend of the family could make an excellent boyfriend.

You may have seen him in passing or just spoken to him a few times now and then, but it is time to get to know him better. When you’re put into a situation where you have to spend time together, make use of it and take advantage.

The Barman

Do you spend time in the same drinking establishment? Maybe you go to the same coffee shop all the time.

Whether it’s a barman or a barista, you could find love. Next time you order your drink, strike up a conversation with him and get to know him better.

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