Knowing You’ve Found the Perfect Wedding Dress

Unless you’ve had the picture of your wedding dress in your head since you were a little girl, you may spend hours agonising over this. You want to look perfect and need a dress that you’ve not going to look back on and wish you chose something different. But how do you know when you’ve found the perfect wedding dress? Here are some signs.

It Shows Off All the Right Curves

The perfect dress will work perfectly for your figure. It shows off the right curves and keeps the bad ones at bay. You will need to try each dress on before you get to the one that is just right for you. You may need to alterations to the dress, but there will be signs that with just a few small ones the dress suits your figure just right.

You Know There’s No Need to Keep Looking

Sometimes you just know that you’ve found the perfect wedding dress. You can’t explain the feeling, but you know that no other dress could compare to this one.

Trying others on is a waste of time and effort for you. Once you get that feeling, stop right there. Trust your gut.

Your Friends Say Yes

While your friends’ opinions don’t really matter—it’s your day after all—you want them to think the dress looks good.

When you get “that” feeling and your friends agree, it is a very good sign that you’ve found the perfect wedding dress. Stop trying the others on and take the one you have to the checkout.

You’ve Stopped Picking

When the dress isn’t quite perfect, you’ll find yourself picking at small things. You might think “well if this neckline was like this” or “if the back was more like this.” If you’re saying these things, you know that you haven’t found the perfect dress. There is no point just accepting that it will have to do. If you’re in a bridal shop, talk to the assistant and tell her what you’d like better and she’ll be able to narrow the search down.

It’s Within Your Budget

You need to set a budget for your wedding dress. It’s really easy to overspend, and some dresses cost into the thousands. The perfect dress will still be within your budget.

If the one you find is out of it, there are a couple of options. Is it just a tiny bit out and can stretch to it? Will there be cheaper options in the same style available elsewhere?

You Can Picture the Whole Day

You’ve put the dress on and you instantly picture the whole day in your head—and wearing that dress. You can picture everyone’s looks as you walk down the aisle and the look on your husband-to-be’s face.

Of course, that’s not to say it isn’t perfect if you can’t imagine all this. Some of this factor will depend on how good your imagination is and just how much of the rest of the day is set.

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