Tips to Get the Perfect Engagement Photos

You’ve just gotten engaged and now you want to share the moment in a special way. Engagement photos are perfect for this. You get to meet a photographer who could do your wedding, get the perfect shot for your invitations and have something to look back on from before your big day. However, you need to get the perfect shots for this to happen and here are some tips to do just that.

Think About Your Clothes

While you want something that is for the two of you, you’re not the only people who will see these photos. You need to think about the clothes that you’re going to wear. If you do want some racy and saucy photos, you can always book another session for photos that won’t be seen by your family members and friends.

Show Him You Love Him

This is a great way to show him how much you care and love him. Kiss him in the photos, look happy and give him hugs. You may get camera shy, but let the thoughts disappear and enjoy this special moment between you.

This is when you need a good photographer, who will be able to work with your different personalities and make you feel at ease.

Have a Mixture of Photos

Opt for a mixture of photos in your engagement pack. You’ll want some romantic ones, but there are also high chances that you want fun, care-free and maybe even some family ones if you have children.

Talk to your engagement photographer about the different shots that he or she can do and make sure you get a good mixture of them.

Get the Perfect Setting

Some people want the studio setting where there is more control over the elements, while other people want to have photos outside. Whatever you want, make sure it suits your personality and taste. Discuss this with your partner so you can make sure the photographer shows up at the right spot. Your photographer may have other ideas, but make it clear if there is one particular place that means everything to you.

Keep Everything Simple

There’s no need to opt for elaborate poses or dare-devil stunts. You want something that shows the love and relationship between the two of you. The simpler, the better; in most cases anyway.

If your photographer tries to get you to do things that you’re not comfortable with, talk to him about it and explain what you’d like to get from the shot. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to be creative; just keep everything simple.

Be Unique

Don’t be afraid to be unique and create some of the perfect save the date or invitation shots. You could have both of you holding signs that tells people when the wedding will be or drawings that people have to work out.

Adding a unique look to your engagement photos is a great way to make them memorable for everyone and you can reduce the cost on your wedding stationary.

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